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As glamorous and exciting as sports car racing is, sometimes it may be difficult to find words to describe a car, while other times the car has simply left you speechless. I think it goes without saying that encountering a Porsche 935 K-3 falls into the latter category. 


When it comes to an iconic sports car, who can think of one more easily recognizable than the Porsche 935 K-3? With its distinctive twin turbo engine note or the bellows of flames coming out of the tail pipes, the 935 stirs emotions in everyone!  

For the fortunate few who have had the opportunity of spectating a race where 935 K-3s showed their dominance or the fewer yet that have had the privilege of driving one, it is an unforgettable and emotional experience that will be carried with you for life!

It is somewhat bittersweet to see that in the last few years the 935s have appreciated in value. I say that because many of them are now selling in the millions of dollars, thus keeping many of the owners from racing them for fear of the financial risk. These cars were meant to be enjoyed, raced and to excite the owners, drivers and fans that flock around these iconic race cars. 


The time has finally arrived for your chance to relive the glory days of IMSA and the FIA Group 5 with your own 935 K-3 recreation! 


Whether you want to get involved in Vintage and Porsche Club racing or just want the bragging rights to say you own the Holy Grail of 911s, GT 935 is giving a very few fortunate Porsche enthusiasts the opportunity to own a GT 935 K-3, at the fraction of the price of a real 935. 


How is this possible?.... 


GT 935 is excited and proud to announce that they have begun constructing GT 935 K-3s in extremely limited numbers. Each of these cars dubbed ”GT 935 K-3” will be certified and carrying its own numbered chassis ID plate and a letter of authenticity from GT 935. These cars will be constructed identically to accurately resemble the original K-3 in every possible way, while benefiting from the use of modern technology and safety features. 

GT 935 principal Ken Gold has utilized his 25+ years of 935 expertise to put  together a vast global network of craftsmen, vendors and 935 owners that specialize in the re-creation of the many nearly impossible-to-obtain parts and data to accurately construct the GT 935.

GT 935 has collaborated with the famed Porsche racing specialist CWR Motorsports in Sebring, Florida to orchestrate the development, assembly, testing & tuning. 

Because CWR Motorsports shares with GT 935 the passion of the 935, they both have committed a team of their top technicians and engineers to assist in this program. Each car will be on the cutting edge of performance with the emphasis on reliability and safety while accurately retaining the iconic image of the 935 K-3. 

A GT 935 team member will work directly with each client to assist with various options on your car such as driver fitment, safety gear and, most importantly, help you choose from one of the iconic 935 liveries of its era. You can also choose to provide your own paint scheme or design. 

Our involvement with the GT 935 K-3 does not end upon delivery; the GT 935 team will be providing all the services and support needed to race and enjoy your car as well. We have years of experience providing clients with the ultimate in arrive & drive programs. GT 935 will campaign our clients’ GT 935 at several vintage racing events nationwide. Services provided will be maintenance, race prep, storage, logistics, track side support and hospitality and most everything needed to make your racing experience safe, fun and memorable. 

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