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Ken Gold a entrepreneur, enthusiast, racer and most of all a die-hard car guy. Like so many motorsports fans, Ken developed a love for the Iconic Porsche 935. Ken's passion for the 935 became a reality in the mid-90s while residing in Mooresville, North Carolina where he acquired his first of many Porsche 935's.


With the gaining of momentum in Vintage Sports Car Racing and the abundance of world class racing circuits on the East Coast, North Carolina seemed to be the logical location to take Ken’s Porsche passion to the next level. Within the first year, Ken had acquired two authentic Porsche 935 K-3s and were campaigning them on the vintage racing circuit.

As Ken was enjoying the competition and camaraderie  of vintage racing, the 935 K-3's became somewhat of a novelty and an attraction at these events. Ken was unknowingly rekindling the passion and emotions that these legendary race cars ignite in people. Soon after, other 935's started coming out of hibernation and were going racing. In his second year of vintage racing, Ken was known as “the go to guy” for everything 935. Ken took on several new clients with 935's for restoration, race prep and track support services. It became commonplace for his transporters to show up at Vintage Racing events and roll out 6 or more Porsche 935's ready for action.

I am fortunate and excited to have my passion for these cars evolve into a project that is making these cars attainable for more enthusiasts to enjoy as much as we do.

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