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GT 935-103

When our client decided to enter the GT 935 program, he had already purchased a 935 clone/tribute car. This was a very nice car with a G50 and 3.6 single turbo motor, but as is typical, this car had nothing 935-related in the way of mechanicals. The K3 body kit was from a vendor in the USA and not very accurate. A GT 935 window overlay and rear hatch were installed. While it was a more accurate example than most of the 935 tribute cars you will see, in the end, it fell short of our client's desire to have a car that really emulated one of the greatest race cars of all time.


The owner of GT 935-103 gave us a spec sheet. He wanted the chassis and drive train to be identical to a period original 935 race car. Starting in the front, authentic 935 fuel tank, oil tank, and all front sheet metal was installed. The running gear of GT 935-103 was replaced with an authentic 935 3.2 flat fan engine, upside-down 935 transmission and titanium axles.

When completed, GT 935-103 will have more period-correct 935 parts than most of the 935s you see today.

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